Freelance Writer

I’m a Vancouver Island-based writer who’s inspired by landscapes—both interior and exterior. 



Wild, Salty Body of Water 
The Rumpus

The Salish Sea is a wet lung breathing outside our balcony while my boyfriend, Doug, and I sleep. It inhales and exhales all night long, sucking seaweed into its salty windpipe, spitting crustaceans upon the shores of Galiano Island…

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An Unlikely Antidote for Heartache
The Washington Post

Here, amidst the shuffling carousel of seniors, this handsome elder really stood out. Unlike everyone else in the room, he was taller than me. He also had style: black satin shirt and gold necklace style…

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What Growing Up in Sulphur City Taught Me About Beauty – Latitude 46

Iwas born in a crater. My Northern Ontario birthplace was formed 1,849 billion years ago when a 10-kilometre-wide meteorite—actually, now they’re saying it was a comet—travelling at 8 times the speed of sound crashed to the earth. 

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Magazine Editorial

I’ve written for Smithsonian MagazineThe Writer, Yoga Journal, Art Business News, and other publications. 

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EVENT MagazineNew Poems

I’m thrilled to announce that EVENT will be publishing some of my poems in an upcoming issue…

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About Me

Christine Schrum WriterI’m a creative nonfiction writer, poet, and sometime journalist. I am grateful to live on beautiful Vancouver Island in the unceded Coast Salish Territory of the Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ nations. Learn more.